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Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve Faces Grave Threat

If you live in Lancaster, Palmdale or have general opposition to the racetrack, then use one of these letters

Sample 4 in PDF


 To:   County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning                          Date

        Attention:  Mr. Sackett

        320 West Temple Street

        Los Angeles, CA 90012

        email: jsackett@planning.lacounty.gov.

From:     Name


 Dear Mr. Sackett,

    I just recently became aware of the FBMP proposal in the western Antelope Valley.  I am a long time resident of the valley and I currently live in the city of Lancaster.  I do not consider myself to be an “environmentalist”, but I am against any development that is not suited for our area.  The proposed racetrack is not needed, as there is already one in nearby Rosamond.   I don’t believe that there are that many local car racers that would justify yet another track.  Also, isn’t the site of the proposed race track near the Poppy Reserve?   I don’t think that it is a good idea to build a racetrack so near a site that most people in the Antelope Valley treasure so highly.  The Poppy Reserve is, after all, the only protected land in California for our beloved state flower, the California Poppy.  Please do not allow this racetrack to be built; it would be a regrettable act. 




Sample 5 in PDF


Date:  XXXX

To: Attention: Jodie Sackett
County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning
Room 1382
320 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012.
Or email:  jsackett@planning.lacounty.gov

Subject: Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park (Project No. 02-176).


I have lived in the Antelope valley for many years.  From my job in aerospace to retirement I have always enjoyed the coming of springtime with warmer temperatures and the wildflowers. The California Poppy Reserve lies to the west of Lancaster a few miles and is set-aside for the preservation of the State flower, the California Poppy.  Over the years I have watch as housing tracks moved westward toward the Preserve.  Other threats such as 400-foot tall wind turbines next to the reserve were narrowly averted.
The proposed auto racetrack north of the Preserve would change the nature of the area away from a quiet place visitors from around the World come to for beauty and relaxation, to a spreading urban landscape.  With time, the Reserve will be incased in housing tracts and strip-malls, the standard of life in Southern and most other parts of California.   While time still exists, we as concerned citizens should make the protection of the Poppy Reserve and the Fairmont / Antelope Butte area a priority.  With that in mind I would like the LA Department of Regional Planning to turn-down the Fairmont Butte area for the race track and support the applicant in finding a more suitable location.   



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